CBC Bulletin April 1, 2018 - Easter Sunday

  Welcome To
80 W. Brubaker Valley Road, Lititz, PA  17543
“Jesus Christ Himself being the chief Cornerstone” Eph.2:20
Rev. Jeffrey Klansek, Pastor                          (717) 675-4054
Rev. Grant McIntosh, Elder                            (717) 466-6141
Darryl Miller, Deacon                                 (717) 471-1777
Kathy Klopp, Librarian                                  (717) 435-2184
Church Phone:                                         (717) 626-3104
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April 1st 2018

Easter Sunday

Morning Worship                                    9:00AM

Welcome and Announcements                                          Worship Leader Elder McIntosh       
*Hymn #217 “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”                 Congregation
*Meet and Greet                                                        
*Hymn #216 “Christ Arose                 ”                             Congregation                
“Offering Hymn #220 “He Lives”                                                                                    
Prayer and Praise
Sermon   “The Resurrection”                                              Pastor Klansek
*Hymn #213 “Because He Lives”                                      Congregation

 *Stand if you are able
No Evening Service Tonight

This Week

·         Monday Trail Life  Meeting-6:30pm
·         Tuesday Bible Study at the Buck’s-7:00pm
·         Wednesday Afternoon Study-3:00pm (James)

Coming Events

·         Men’s Breakfast Sat April 14th 8:00am
·         Precious Jewels Sat April 14th 1:00pm
·         Next Sunday Quarterly Business Meeting
·         Sat. April 21st Trail Life Chicken BBQ-Lititz VFW 10-2
·         April 29th Pot Luck Dinner after service-Church Shower and Johnny’s Birthday party.  Johnny’s Actual Birthday-April 15th

2018 Theme: Growing in Christ

(To Be Fully Committed- Christ Followers)
“...teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you:”
Matthew 28:20

Church Vision and Mission:
To reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be Bible-centered in our faith and practice, to equip and empower people for ministry, to be an active part of our community without compromising God’s message.

King’s Sweepers this week: Mumma's
King's Sweepers the following week:  Miller's 

(Notes by Kathy Y)

Pastor's Message
The Resurrection

Luke 23:54 & Luke 24: 1-12 (pastor read these passages)

No other religion like that of Christians. The Bible is not only a religious book, but also a book of history. Many have tried to prove the Bible as false, only to be proven wrong. The book is TRUTH!
Some critics say Jesus was really alive when laid in the tomb...other stories were conjured up.
Spices were brought by these women b/c the time of year was warm. Spices would help to cover the odor of a decaying body.
They were met by angels asking them why they were looking for the living among the dead. The women remembered the prophets. They went to Peter and the other disciples to share what they saw and heard. The first Easter w/ not much different from any other day. Vs 13-31 Then Jesus appeared to 2 of these men on the road to Emmaus. Jesus went thru the scriptures w/them concerning himself. Afterwards, He tarried w/them until He broke bread & gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened & they now understood the fulfillment of the scriptures. He then disappeared. Sometimes we don't remember words, but we remember actions. They walked back to Jerusalem (about 2 hrs) and shared their story to the other disciples...."THE LORD HAS RISEN, INDEED!" After they shared, Jesus appeared to all of them. Thy were afraid & He had to prove to them who he was. He spoke to them and gave them a commission to be His witness, starting with Jerusalem. What does the resurrection mean to YOU today? The power to live a new life! Rom 6:1-4 The life we live is His life through us. Chapter 6: 9-14...new creations! We now live under a day of grace. Given power to live a changed life! Are you living in the power of the Resurrection. How do you know? 1. We no longer need to yield to sins anymore. Victory can be yours! 2. We will be in God's Word - growing spiritually. 3. Fruits of the Spirit will be evident in our lives. 4. When Jesus is on the throne of our life.
Are you living the power of the resurrection?

Prayer/Praises: Kathy K; Firefighters and other public safety first responders; MoM-Shelly's
Missionaries of the Month – April 2018
                                Dennis & Coletta Shelly

(condensed) PRAISE ITEMS:
1. We’re back into teaching again after a 1 wk mid-semester break. We asked for special prayer from some of you  for our  trip to Kaduna. God answered by giving us safety to/ from Kaduna. I spoke for about 6 hrs in 4 sessions Friday & Saturday

1. For good health & strength for us, our faculty, staff & students. Pray that more students can connect with or find sponsors to help them pay for their past and current school fees
2. For ETSK’s Skill Acquisition program to continue going well in seven sections.
3. For God’s continued protection over ETSK and our region of southern Kaduna State. The number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in various parts of Nigeria keeps growing! Pray for God’s comfort and grace for them not to lose heart.

4. For God’s choice of another Ph.D. holder to join me in the new M.A. in Missions program.
5. For Dwight & Amy Shelly to know God’s direction for  their return to the Lancaster, PA
6. For Stephanie to be in good health and a good witness as she works at two Urgent Care Centers in Rohrerstown & Ephrata, PA.

7. Coletta & I plan to be in the US from June 12 - July 12, Pray for details to fit together well.

Thanks for your part in the ministries here at ETSK.
Working Together for Him,
Dennis & Coletta Shelly
(for the complete letter, please refer to the Missionary Board)


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